PES 2015 Error/Problem Fix

PES 2015 Has stopped working error with a specific Dll file name in the error:
“This game has stopped working as a dll file is either corrupt or not designed to run”.If you have found any error like this,then it means that the Dll file is either not present in your PC or is not a compatible version of that Dll file.To solve this issue,use Dll-Files Fixer.It can solve all kinds of Dll errors with one click after scanning your computer fully.You can try it for free here.

Establishing connection Error Fix: You can temporarily solve this error by playing in offline mode.To do this,
  • Go to Main > Menu > Extra > Online settings > Auto Sign-in >  and select off.
You can also solve this issue by following the instructions below.
  • Go to steam and start the game.
  • At press any button menu,disconnect your connection cable
  • Now,go back to main menu
  • And reset the connection cable.
No sound error in Pro Evolution Soccer: Try to update your sound card drivers.If you update your drivers,then the sound card will recognize and game and hence works fine.Few people have boasted that this method has worked for them.

Can’t update Data Pack Error fix PES 2015:
You have to re-install the game by disabling your Anti-virus Firewall.If you are downloading the pirated version,then there is a possibility of virus attack due to this.But,if you have bought the game,it should work fine.

Low FPS while playing PES 2015:
You need to disable crossfire,V-Sync and update your video card drivers.Then,try to run the game.If still lag bothers you,go to Nvidia control panel and select manage 3D settings.In the options select “Prefer Maximum performance”

PES 2015 controller not working Error:
You have to update the drivers of your controller.The easiest way to do it is using DriverScanner 2014.It is the best tool for driver issues.It can fix all kinds of driver issues with one click download.You can scan for the drivers here.

PES 2015 Crashes on Desktop,Nothing happens while starting the game:
You have to install the Microsoft Redistributable Visual c++ files from here and install them.Also install the latest version of DirectX on your PC.

Stuttering issues while playing Pro evolution soccer Fix:
You need to update your Video card and sound card drivers.If that did not solve the error,try to re-install the game after installing the latest version of DirectX.

Failed to connect key server (After downloading):
Make sure that the game is available in your Region is steam.If so,try to restart the steam and reboot your PC.It should work now.If not,try to create a new txt file inside the Root directory of Pro Evolution soccer 2015.Name the txt file as “steam_appid” and in the file paste “287680” and save it.Comment below if it worked for you.


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