How to install MSL Patch for PES 2014 [PC Only]

Follow this tutorial on how to install MSL Patch for your PES 2014.


1. Install Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 on your pc. (Download or Buy)
2. Update datapack (DLC) 3.00 (Link here)
3. Install MSL 2014 Patch v3.0 until v3.4 or latest. Install step by step. Download link as belows:
        MSL 2014 Patch v3.0
        MSL 2014 Patch v3.1
        MSL 2014 Patch v3.2
        MSL 2014 Patch v3.3
        MSL 2014 Patch v3.4
4. Done


1. Not responding when use DLC updater?
Please install datapack manually. Copy all files in data folder (5 files) and Paste in C:\Program Data\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\Download (Show hidden files if cannot see this folder)

2. Cannot start launcher? “access denied” occurs?
Right click at launcher and click "run as administrator".
Make sure you install the patch at the same directory with PES 2014

3. Team and player name no change?
Make sure you update datapack (DLC 3.00) first.

4. Game slow or lag?
This happen if your graphic card cannot support patch graphic. There are few things that you can do:
    i. Lower the resolution and picture quality in Pes2014 setting.
   ii. Disable "SweetFX" at MSL2014 Launcher.
   iii. Disable "Crowd "at MSL2014 Launcher.

5. Error when starting the game: "The dynamic library 'msl.dll' failed to initialize (E5)."
Disable antivirus tool, reinstall patch, add 'PES 2013/msl.dll' to antivirus tool exceptions. (Dont worry our file is clean from virus)

6. Antivirus warning for patch files (rld.dll/msl.dll etc.) ?
Those are false warnings and can be ignored. You might also add the patch folder to your antivirus tool's whitelist.

7. Others Problem ?
Please report to us at “” or at our Facebook page


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