Fire Patch 2013 version 1.2 AIO + 1.2.1 FiX

- Remove all fake players & teams.
- Includes DLC 3.0 and patch 1.03 from KONAMI
- Support Online Mode (Correct kits & teamnames)
- Leagues: Premier League, Ligue 1, Eredivise, Serie A, La Liga, Liga Zon Sarges, Bundesliga, Brasileirão.
- D2 Division league: Npower Championship, Liga Adelante (stats from fm)
- New teams: all clubs in final match of UEFA Champions League (2008 to 2012), Euro All Stars, America All Stars, Africa All Stars, Asia All Stars…
- Dream teams: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Inter, Juventus, AC Milan, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich (all fixed by Fire Patch team, thanks to Hamadakakos) & Arsenal 2003/2004
- New national teams: Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia (faces vietnam team by bebylover, Buggy & Fire Patch team)
- Add full kits for all teams.
- UEFA Champions League: Correct 32 teams
- Add more 3000 faces with many great faces.
- New Fire Patch Selector Tool: scoreboard, gloves, HD turf, emblems, ball cursor, stadium, trophies, faceserver manager, adboards…
- Update winter transfers
- Update new boots and relinked for almost playes

Jenkey1002, Juce, Robbie, Barcafan,W!Ld@, MarlonLDU, Odil24, Nilton1248, Yevan, PESEdit, wens, vogin, hak912000, johnnyusa2k3, KO, vietanhtlk, foxbarcelona, Hamadakakos, Buggy, bebylover, Ilhan, Txak, radeqq81 & 1002MB, Teiker17, Elboss, tbvsac, Cevat_12, Ercan Ayan, DracheN, El Yorugua….faces maker, kits maker and boots maker, (faces indonesia from pesaddict @pesinaediting,, sony doni @gururupa, Onny @gururupa)

- Install pack A –> pack B
- Using Fire Patch tool to select ML mode in Ultilities tab to play ML and BAL. (select Exhibition mode to unlock added teams but can’t play ML and BAL mode.


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