Malaysia Patch v1.2 (MSL included)

General Feature:
*All features from pesedit 0.3

Features by RaZoR:
*Added Malaysia in Asia Team
*Added Malaysia Super League (14 Club)
*New Malaysia Home Kit
*Real player name for all MSL clubs
*57 Scanned face for MSL player
*Play Master League using Malaysia Super League Club
*14 Wallpaper (16 still free)
*New player face (Maradona, Batistuta, Romario, Pele, Cantona, Zidane, Cafu, Dunga, BenKhalifa, Borini, Kakuta, Neymar, Bruma,Pirlo, Eduardo)
*Special Hair Mode by Hawke
*New supporter banner
*New formation icon
*Unlock all in Extra Content

Step by Step Tutorial for installing this Patch:
1. Update DLC to 15.10
2. Download PESEdit 0.3
3. Download Malaysia Patch v1.2 (1.0 & 1.1 xpayah download)
4. Install PESEdit 0.3
5. Extract Malaysia Patch v1.2 (Ada 2 folder iaitu kitserver and Save)
6. Copy kitserver to PES 2011 directory. Overwrite semua file.
7. Click Manager dalam kitserver folder yg dah overwrite then click attach.
8. Copy Save folder dari Malaysia Patch v1.2 to My Document/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. Overwrite
9. Start Game.



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